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Project Title: Banat touristic cycling route connection
Acronym: BanatBike
Project ID: RORS-379
Total Project budget: 297 990.00 EUR
EU contribution (IPA): 253 291.50 EUR
Start Date: 28.12.2020.
End Date: 28.09.2022.
Lead Beneficiary: Opština Senta
Project partner: Asociatia Otelek Magyarul Magyarokert Egyesulet (RO)
Contact information:
Opština Senta
Address: Glavni Trg 1, 24400 Senta, Srbija
Contact person: Andras Kosicki

Project summary:

Project focuses on common territorial challenges and intends to tackle such as connectedness of two country region, facilitating better communication and cooperation between population and communities on both sides of the border. Project is an innovative solution for raising touristic demand of natural and cultural attractions in the border region. It combines in a unique way two approaches. At first, through cycling route, it included in the cycling network Eurovelo, Timișoara - Zrenjanin, which will attract population who are committed to travel freely at open air. It is environmental feature of the project, including promotion of healthy living. Second, it will be created a thematic route which merge all natural, historical and cultural heritages on the path, and that way offer a joint package to tourists and visitors of the region.

The main objective of the project is to enhance demand for cross-border tourist region by development of thematic cycling route package and through joint branding and marketing activities. Thematic routes, integrated tourism stakeholders and marketing contributes to increase of attractiveness of the region for domestic and foreign tourists. Created touristic cycling route package (eco, ethno, cultural, gastro and leisure) which foster the recognition and sustainable utilization of tourist attractions in the region. This touristic cycling route presents a common touristic product which integrate the major touristic potentials in the CB area.

Target group: local governments, interest groups including NGOs, companies including SMEs and the public (tourists).

Activities include:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Reporting, financial management and public procurement,
  • Project meetings and international communication between partners,
  • Development of a joint tourist themed cycling route,
  • Application software development - ROUTE PLANNER,
  • Creating a quality management system,
  • Training (basic language, professional, marketing and QMS),
  • Buying a rent a bike system with bicycles,
  • Formation of a cycling resort,
  • Joint journey on the newly formed road,
  • Translation and interpretation,
  • Participant travel,
  • Start-up activities and communication,
  • Promotional material,
  • Publications,
  • Public events.

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